How to Get A Library Card

You may obtain an Island Trees Public Library card by showing proof of your legal residency or ownership of property.  One or more of the items from the following list are required.

For Legal Residents

  • Valid Driver’s License with Island Trees School District address


For Legal Residents and Property Owners

  • Valid Driver’s License with out of district address


  • Property Tax Receipt/Bill
  • Utility Bill
  • Rental Agreement/Lease
  • Bank Statement
  • Car Registration
  • Island Trees School District Student ID

Note: Children ages 4 through 13 are entitled to a Juvenile Borrower Card.  To apply they must either a) have a parent/guardian (who must prove residency) accompany them and sign their application or b) receive their card at a class visit with the parent signing the application at a later date. 

Young adults ages 14 through 17 are also entitled to a Juvenile Borrower Card.  However in lieu of a parent/guardian may use one piece of identification with name and current address such as an Island Trees District Student ID or valid driver’s license. 

Patrons with a Juvenile Borrowers Card will not be allowed to borrow DVDs or Music CDs, however,  parents may sign a Consent Form for Young Adult (Ages 14-17) Music CD Checkout Form. This form permits Juvenile Borrowers ages 14 through 17 to borrow Music CDs only.

Non Resident “Courtesy Cards”

The Island Trees Public Library will issue persons who reside outside Nassau County “Courtesy Cards” for the following non residents who provide proof that they:

  • Work in the Island Trees School District
  • Reside part of the year in the Island Trees School District (such as a child who splits residency between parents).
  • Own Businesses in the Island Trees School District
  • Attend school in the Island Trees School District
  • Reside in special residency homes in the Island Trees School District

Note: These cards allow only Limited Access to the Island Trees Public Library, no access to any other library within the Nassau Library System and are valid for only 1 year.